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Кхп 8 Наставление о тайнике с сокровищами Палийский оригинал

пали Nyanamoli thera - english Комментарии
Nidhiṃ nidheti puriso, gambhīre odakantike; 1. A man a treasure store lays by Deep in a water-level pit;
Atthe kicce samuppanne, atthāya me bhavissati. He thinks If need arise for aid, It will be there to aid me then
Rājato vā duruttassa, corato pīḷitassa vā; 2. For my discharge, from kings were I Denounced, or from a brigand else
Iṇassa vā pamokkhāya, dubbhikkhe āpadāsu vā; If held to ransom, or of debts, In famines, or in accidents:
Etadatthāya lokasmiṃ, nidhi nāma nidhīyati. With suchlike aims, what in the world Is called a store will be laid by.
Tāvassunihito [tāva sunihito (sī.)] santo, gambhīre odakantike; 3. Though be it ne’er so well laid by Deep in a water-level pit,
Na sabbo sabbadā eva, tassa taṃ upakappati. Not all of it will yet suffice To serve him all the time; and then
Nidhi vā ṭhānā cavati, saññā vāssa vimuyhati; 4. The store gets shifted from its place, Or he perhaps forgets the marks,
Nāgā vā apanāmenti, yakkhā vāpi haranti naṃ. Or Naga-Serpents hale it off, Or spirits fritter it away,
Appiyā vāpi dāyādā, uddharanti apassato; 5. Or else the heirs he cannot bear Abstract it while he does not see;
Yadā puññakkhayo hoti, sabbametaṃ vinassati. And when his merit is consumed, The whole will vanish utterly.
Yassa dānena sīlena, saṃyamena damena ca; 6. Shall have with gifts or virtuousness Or with refraining or constraint
Nidhī sunihito hoti, itthiyā purisassa vā. But when a woman or a man A store of merit well laid by
Cetiyamhi ca saṅghe vā, puggale atithīsu vā; In shrines or the Community, Or in a person or in guests
Mātari pitari cāpi [vāpi (syā. kaṃ.)], atho jeṭṭhamhi bhātari. Or in a mother or a father, Even in an elder brother,
Eso nidhi sunihito, ajeyyo anugāmiko; This treasure store is well laid by, A follower unlosable:
Pahāya gamanīyesu, etaṃ ādāya gacchati. Among what by abandoning Have to be gone [to] he goes with this.
Asādhāraṇamaññesaṃ, acorāharaṇo nidhi; No others have a share in it, And robbers cannot steal this store;
Kayirātha dhīro puññāni, yo nidhi anugāmiko. So let the steadfast merit make, The store that is their follower.
Esa devamanussānaṃ, sabbakāmadado nidhi; This is a store can satisfy Every desire of god or man;
Yaṃ yadevābhipatthenti, sabbametena labbhati. No matter what they aspire to have: All that is got by merit’s grace.
Suvaṇṇatā susaratā, susaṇṭhānā surūpatā [susaṇṭhānasurūpatā (sī.), susaṇṭhānaṃ surūpatā (syā. kaṃ.)] ; Beauty of looks, beauty of voice, Beauty of figure, beauty of form,
Ādhipaccaparivāro, sabbametena labbhati. And lordliness and retinue: All that is got by merit’s grace.
Padesarajjaṃ issariyaṃ, cakkavattisukhaṃ piyaṃ; A local kingship, empire, too, Bliss of Wheel-turning Monarchy,
Devarajjampi dibbesu, sabbametena labbhati. And godly rule in paradise: All that is got by merit’s grace.
Mānussikā ca sampatti, devaloke ca yā rati; And every human excellence, Any delight in a godly world,
Yā ca nibbānasampatti, sabbametena labbhati. Even extinction’s excellence: All that is got by merit’s grace.
Mittasampadamāgamma, yonisova [yoniso ve (sī.), yoniso ce (syā.), yoniso ca (?)] payuñjato; A man has excellence in friends; Devoting reason right, he wins
Vijjā vimutti vasībhāvo, sabbametena labbhati. True knowledge and deliverance: All that is got by merit’s grace.
Paṭisambhidā vimokkhā ca, yā ca sāvakapāramī; Discriminations, liberations, Perfection of disciples, too,
Paccekabodhi buddhabhūmi, sabbametena labbhati. And both kinds of enlightenment: All that is got by merit’s grace.
Evaṃ mahatthikā esā, yadidaṃ puññasampadā; So great are the rewards it gives, Simply, this merit’s excellence:
Tasmā dhīrā pasaṃsanti, paṇḍitā katapuññatanti. For that the steadfast and the wise Commend a store of merit made.
Nidhikaṇḍasuttaṃ niṭṭhitaṃ.
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