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пали Etañhi nissāya aneke sattā anayabyasanaṃ pattā"ti vatvā "kadā panesā, bhante, uppannā"ti vutte tassā uppattiṃ vitthārena kathetuṃ atītaṃ āharitvā kumbhajātakaṃ (jā. 1.16.33 ādayo) kathesīti.
E.W. Burlingame for because of it numberless living beings have come to distress and unhappiness.” But, Reverend Sir, at what time did this episode have its beginning?” In response to this question the Teacher, desiring to relate in detail the circumstances that led to this episode, told a Story of the Past, relating the Kumbha Jātaka. Jātaka 512: v. 12-20.
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Ed. note: the story is that by accident men discover strong drink, which brings whole cities to destruction, and themselves too. Sakka seeing the King is about to drink it comes down to earth and preaches on the evils of strong drink which causes the King to break the pots holding the drink.