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пали Tattha yasmā purimanaye kevalaṃ assasitabbaṃ passasitabbameva, na ca aññaṃ kiñci kātabbaṃ.
khantibalo На первых [двух] этапах он должен только вдыхать и выдыхать и не должен вообще делать что-либо ещё и только после этого должен перейти к работе по порождению знания и так далее.
Nyanamoli thera 174. Herein, in the first part of the system (nos. i and ii)49 he should only breathe in and breathe out and not do anything else at all, and it is only afterwards that he should apply himself to the arousing of knowledge, and so on.
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Comm. NT: 49.
“‘In the first part of the system’: in the first part of the system of development; in the first two bases, is what is intended.
Of course, arousing of knowledge must be admitted to take place here too because of the presence of awareness of the length and shortness of the breaths as they actually are (as they actually become); and it is not hard to do that, for it is merely the taking account of them as they occur. That is why it is put in the present tense here.
But what follows is as hard as for a man to walk on a razor’s edge; which is why the future tense is used for the subsequent stages in order to indicate the need for exceptional prior effort”