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пали Aniccato manasikaroto obhāso uppajjati, 'obhāso dhammo'ti obhāsaṃ āvajjati, tato vikkhepo uddhaccaṃ.
Nyanamoli thera When a man is bringing [formations] to mind as impermanent, illumination arises in him. He adverts to the illumination thus, ‘Illumination is a [Noble One’s] state.’33 The distraction due to that is agitation.
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Comm. NT: 33.
He adverts to it as Nibbāna or as the path or as fruition.
The agitation, the distraction, that occurs about whether or not the illumination, etc., are noble states is ‘agitation about higher states’
In this connection Vism- mhṭ quotes the following text:
Friends, any bhikkhu or bhikkhunī who declares the attainment of Arahantship in my presence has always arrived there by four paths or by one of them.
What four?
Here, friends, a bhikkhu develops insight preceded by serenity. While he is developing insight preceded by serenity the path is born in him. He cultivates, develops, repeats that path.
As he does so his fetters are abandoned and his inherent tendencies are brought to an end.
Again, friends, a bhikkhu develops serenity preceded by insight … He develops serenity and insight yoked equally.
Again, friends, a bhikkhu’s mind is seized by agitation about highest states. When that consciousness settles down internally, becomes steady, unified and concentrated, then the path is born in him … his inherent tendencies are brought to an end