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пали Vijjuppādova ākāse, uppajjanti vayanti cāti. (mahāni. 10);
Nyanamoli thera Flash in and out, as lightning in the sky23(Nidd I 42).
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Comm. NT: 23. This verse is quoted twice in the Mahāniddesa (Nidd I 42 & 118). For Vism-mhṭ’s comment see Ch. VIII, note 11. Vism-mhṭ and the Sinhalese translation have been taken as guides in rendering this rather difficult verse. There is another stanza in the Niddesa not quoted here:
“… this concept will allow.
States happen as their tendencies dictate;
And they are modelled by desire; their stream
Uninterruptedly flows ever on
Conditioned by the sixfold base of contact.
No store of broken states …”