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пали So taṃ nimittaṃ punappunaṃ āsevati bhāveti bahulīkaroti.
Nyanamoli thera He cultivates that sign18 again and again, develops and repeatedly practices it.
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Comm. NT: 18.
‘That sign’: that object as the sign for development, which sign is called physical nutriment and has appeared in the repulsive aspect to one who gives his attention to it repeatedly in the ways already described.
And there, while development occurs through the repulsive aspect, it is only the dhammas on account of which there comes to be the concept of physical nutriment that are repulsive, not the concept. But it is because the occurrence of development is contingent only upon dhammas with an individual essence, and because the profundity is due to that actual individual essence of dhammas that have individual essences, that the jhāna cannot reach absorption in it through apprehension of the repulsive aspect.
For it is owing to profundity that the first pair of truths is hard to see