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пали So panāyamāhāro evarūpe okāse nidhānamupagato yāva aparipakko hoti, tāva tasmiññeva yathāvuttappakāre paramandhakāratimise nānākuṇapagandhavāsitapavanavicarite atiduggandhajegucche padese yathā nāma nidāghe akālameghena abhivuṭṭhamhi caṇḍālagāmadvāraāvāṭe patitāni tiṇapaṇṇakilañjakhaṇḍaahikukkuramanussakuṇapādīni sūriyātapena santattāni pheṇapupphuḷakācitāni tiṭṭhanti, evameva taṃdivasampi hiyyopi tato purime divasepi ajjhohato sabbo ekato hutvā semhapaṭalapariyonaddho kāyaggisantāpakuthitakuthanasañjātapheṇapupphuḷakācito paramajegucchabhāvaṃ upagantvā tiṭṭhatīti evaṃ aparipakkato paṭikkūlatā paccavekkhitabbā.
Nyanamoli thera After this nutriment has arrived at such a place for its receptacle, then for as long as it remains uncooked it stays in that same place just described, which is shrouded in absolute darkness, pervaded by draughts,15 tainted by various smells of ordure and utterly fetid and loathsome. And just as when a cloud out of season has rained during a drought and bits of grass and leaves and rushes and the carcasses of snakes, dogs and human beings that have collected in a pit at the gate of an outcaste village remain there warmed by the sun’s heat until the pit becomes covered with froth and bubbles, so too, what has been swallowed that day and yesterday and the day before remains there together, and being smothered by the layer of phlegm and covered with froth and bubbles produced by digestion through being fermented by the heat of the bodily fires, it becomes quite loathsome. This is how repulsiveness should be reviewed as to what is uncooked.
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Comm. NT: 15. Pavana—“draught”: not in this sense in PED; see XVI.37.