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пали 295.Tattha gamanatoti evaṃ mahānubhāve nāma sāsane pabbajitena sakalarattiṃ buddhavacanasajjhāyaṃ vā samaṇadhammaṃ vā katvā kālasseva vuṭṭhāya cetiyaṅgaṇabodhiyaṅgaṇavattaṃ katvā pānīyaṃ paribhojanīyaṃ upaṭṭhapetvā pariveṇaṃ sammajjitvā sarīraṃ paṭijaggitvā āsanamārūyha vīsatiṃsa vāre kammaṭṭhānaṃ manasikaritvā uṭṭhāya pattacīvaraṃ gahetvā nijanasambādhāni pavivekasukhāni chāyūdakasampannāni sucīni sītalāni ramaṇīyabhūmibhāgāni tapovanāni pahāya ariyaṃ vivekaratiṃ anapekkhitvā susānābhimukhena siṅgālena viya āhāratthāya gāmābhimukhena gantabbaṃ.
Nyanamoli thera 6. 1. Herein, as to going: even when a man has gone forth in so mighty a dispensation, still after he has perhaps spent all night reciting the Enlightened One’s word or doing the ascetic’ s work, after he has risen early to do the duties connected with the shrine terrace and the Enlightenment-tree terrace, to set out the water for drinking and washing, to sweep the grounds and to see to the needs of the body, after he has sat down on his seat and given attention to his meditation subject twenty or thirty times5 and got up again, then he must take his bowl and [outer] robe, he must leave behind the ascetics’ woods that are not crowded with people, offer the bliss of seclusion, possess shade and water, and are clean, cool, delightful places, he must disregard the Noble Ones’ delight in seclusion, and he must set out for the village in order to get nutriment, as a jackal for the charnel ground.
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Comm. NT: 5.
‘Twenty or thirty times’: here some say that the definition of the number of times is according to what is present-by-continuity (see XIV.188). But others say that it is by way of “warming up the seat” (see M-a I 255);
for development that has not reached suppression of hindrances does not remove the bodily discomfort in the act of sitting, because of the lack of pervading happiness. So there is inconstancy of posture too.
Then ‘twenty or thirty’ is taken as the number already observed by the time of setting out on the alms round. Or alternatively, from ‘going’ up to ‘smearing’ is one turn; then it is after giving attention to the meditation subject by twenty or thirty turns in this way