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пали Cavamāne upapajjamāneti ettha cutikkhaṇe upapattikkhaṇe vā dibbacakkhunā daṭṭhuṃ na sakkā.
Nyanamoli thera 76.Passing away and reappearing: he cannot see them with the divine eye actually at the death moment of reappearance.17
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Comm. NT: 17.
He cannot see them with the divine eye’—with the knowledge of the divine eye— because of the extreme brevity and extreme subtlety of the material moment in anyone.
Moreover, it is present materiality that is the object of the divine eye, and that is by prenascence condition. And there is no occurrence of exalted consciousness without adverting and preliminary work. Nor is materiality that is only arising able to serve as object condition, nor that which is dissolving.
Therefore, it is rightly said that he cannot see with the divine eye materiality at the moments of death and reappearance.
If the knowledge of the divine eye has only materiality as its object, then why is it said that he ‘sees beings’?
It is said in this way since it is mainly concerned with instances of materiality in a being’s continuity,
or because that materiality is a reason for apprehending beings. Some say that this is said according to conventional usage