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пали Na ca anupālanapavattanaṭṭhapanānubhāvavirahitaṃ, yathāvuttakkhaṇe tassa tassa sādhanatoti daṭṭhabbaṃ.
Nyanamoli thera But it must not be regarded as destitute of power to maintain, make occur, and make present, because it does accomplish each of these functions at the moment stated (cf. Dhs §635). 25
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Comm. NT: 25.
“Since the life faculty is itself entirely kamma-born it is established, by taking them as conascent, that the things to be protected by it are kamma-born too; this is why there is no inclusion of the term ‘kamma-born.’
It maintains as if it were its own that kamma-born matter by being the cause of its occurrence even though only lasting for a moment; that is why it has the characteristic of maintaining conascent kinds of matter.
For kamma alone is not competent to be the cause of kamma-born things” presence, as nutriment, etc., are of the nutriment-born.
Because it is no longer existent at that moment.
“‘Because it does accomplish each of those functions’: it does so because it is a condition for distinguishing what is living.
For it is the life faculty that distinguishes matter that is bound up with faculties from dead matter, and kamma-born matter and what is bound up with that from matter that is temperature originated, and so on. “And the life faculty must be regarded as the reason not only for presence during a moment but also for non-interruption of connection; otherwise death as the termination of a life span would be illogical” (Vism-mhṭ 448).