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пали Keci panettha "tejādīnaṃ guṇehi rūpādīhi anugayhabhāvato"ti kāraṇaṃ dassenti.
Nyanamoli thera 43.But some give as their reason that it is because these [several sensitivities] are [respectively] aided by visible data, etc., as qualities of fire, and so on.17
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Comm. NT: 17:
“‘As qualities of fire, and so on’: [aided] by visible data as the illuminating [quality] of heat, which is called lighting up; by sound [as a quality] of air, by odour [as a quality] of earth, by flavour [as a quality] of the water called spittle—so according to the first theory [that of ‘some’]; and it can be suitably adjusted to accord with the second [that of ‘others’] because they need to be assisted by such and such qualities of primaries what is meant is that they have to be helped in apprehending visible data and so on.
This theory holds that the quality is the ability of the eye, etc., to light up [respectively] visible data, etc., only when associated with the reasons that are their accessories consisting of light, etc., and aperture’s state of decisive support for ear-consciousness.
Aperture is taken in due order, as are fire, etc., since it is absence of primaries.
Or alternatively, when others intend that aperture is a quality of primaries, as visible data, etc., are, then the qualities of primaries are construable in their order thus: [aided] by visible data and light [as a quality] of fire, by sound [as a quality] of aperture called space, by odour [as a quality] of air, by flavour [as a quality] of water, by tangible data [as a quality] of earth” (Vism-mhṭ 445).