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пали Upaneyyo eva opaneyyiko.
khantibalo Слово upaneyya аналогично слову opanayika.
Nyanamoli thera The word upaneyya is the same as the word opanayika. 35
Комментарий оставлен 14.12.2015 14:13 автором khantibalo
Comm Nyanamoli thera: 35. This passage is only loosely renderable because the exegesis here is based almost entirely on the substitution of one Pali grammatical form for another (padasiddhi). The reading opaneyyiko (for opanayiko) does not appear in any Sinhalese text (generally the most reliable); consequently the sentence “opanayiko va opaneyyiko” (see Harvard text) is absent in them, being superfluous. Vism-mhṭ’s explanations are incorporated. This paragraph depends on the double sense of upaneti (upa + neti, to lead on or induce) and its derivatives as (i) an attractive inducement and (ii) a reliable guide, and so the word induce is stretched a bit and inducive coined on the analogy of conducive. Upanaya (inducement) is not in PED, nor is upanayana (inducing) in this sense (see also XIV.68). Upanayana means in logic “application,” “subsumption”; and also upanetabba means “to be added”; see end of §72. For allīyana (“treating as one’s shelter”) see references in Glossary.

Комментарий оставлен 04.07.2018 17:32 автором khantibalo
встречал у некоторых авторов перевод этого слова как leading inwards. интересно на что они опираются