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пали Evampi atthakusalena tathāgatena,
Комментарий оставлен 12.01.2022 15:05 автором khantibalo
There is a translation of these verses in the book, but I couldn't align them:
When those with skill in good the good have done
That should be done by one with skill in Truth,
As told by the Truth’s Lord, [the Perfect One,]
And thus have knowledge of it gained in sooth,
Then, understanding Rightness, they attain The State of Peace, the heart’s utter release.
So if wise folk have liking to remain Abiding in the deathless State of Peace,
The marvel well beloved of Noble Men,
After [they have contrived successfully Thuswise] to have attained it, let them then The Good that should be done do constantly:
The Good a Virtue without stain demanding,
Then Concentration, lastly Understanding.